Positive Behaviour

We set high expectations for our children at Hampton College Primary and expect our children to embrace our PROUD aspirations. We endeavour to use positive reinforcement to reward children for their achievements and successes in school using stickers, verbal praise, certificates and class-based reward systems. We also use our House system to reward positive behaviour, excellent conduct and great learning with PROUD Points. Head of School and WOW awards are also given out on a weekly basis.

We also accept that there will be times when the behaviour of our children does not meet our expectations. When this is the case, we will explore the negative behaviour with each child and ensure that the behaviour is discussed and remedied using a restorative approach and a suitable sanction. The restorative approach encourages children to take responsibility for their own behaviour and ‘put right’ their wrongs. This may include apologising to the relevant parties, being given time out, losing a privilege or spending time with another member of staff or the senior leadership team (SLT). Negative behaviour is logged and followed up by class teachers and Team Leaders in the first instance who will inform parents of any such incidents.

Recently we have reviewed our approach to behaviour. This has resulted in a system where we place the responsibility of a child’s behaviour choices on them. We are using the phrase “It’s up to you” to remind children that the poor choices they make will have a consequence. Please see our Parent Guide and Behaviour Policy for further information.

Our revised approach to poor behaviour will run alongside a traffic light system where we promote PROUD behaviour; making us “Proud to be Green”.

Proud to be Green

Your behaviour is making us all proud

Your behaviour is distracting others – reminder to stop

Your behaviour continues to distract – warning and risk of removal from class

Your behaviour is having a continued negative impact on learning –

Removal from class

Behaviour is your responsibility… It’s




If a child has to be spoken to about their behaviour they will move on to yellow; if they have to be told again they will be warned that their behaviour is putting learning at jeopardy and moved to amber; if they need to be told again they will be moved to red and will be removed from their class to another class, with time to reflect before completing an apology.

As parents, if your child has been moved to red, you will receive notification of their behaviour from their class teacher. We would greatly appreciate your support in discussing the matter with your child.