Lunchtimes are an important of your child’s day at school. In order to support your child at lunchtime we have a team of midday supervisors, which include our teaching assistants. Our lunchtime team assist children with getting their lunch, cutting their food, playing outside, first aid and also supervise children to minimise friendship issues on the playground or disruptive behaviour.

  • School Meals

    We provide a School Meals Service for our primary phase children. In accordance with Government policy from September 2014 all children in reception, year 1 and year 2 will be provided with a daily free school meal and children in Year 3 and above are able to buy a healthy school meal for £2.45 per day. We operate a three weekly menu system.    


    Hampton College operates an online payments system.  You will have been issued with further details when your child joined the school, however any queries with the online payment system can be discussed with Mrs Burdett in our school office.  Click here for the online payments guide.


    This system is different from the one used in the secondary phase and is not a biometric system.


    Please see this link for Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Government's Free School Meals Voucher System.  

    Please visit this link regarding procedures which have been put in place following the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • Healthy Eating

    Our caterers provide healthy food, and we do not serve crisps or chocolate. The ‘Meal Deal’ is £2.45 (for children in years 3 - 6) and is a really economical option, with a main meal or sandwich, vegetables, pudding and a drink. If you send your child to school with a packed lunch, then please try to avoid unhealthy items such as chocolate and crisps. For further information, take a look at What’s in a Lunchbox?

  • What’s in a Lunchbox?

    Hampton College has always led the way when it comes to healthy eating. Following the success of launching our own healthy eating menus, we also like to raise awareness of the nutritional value of the food students bring to school with them in their lunch boxes. 


    Easy swaps for a healthier lunch box:

    • Replace chocolate with fresh fruit
    • Swap white bread for brown or wholemeal
    • Replace crisps with a yoghurt
    • Choose water, fruit juice or a milk based drink, rather than a sugary drink


    Children, parents and carers have always been tremendously supportive of the college’s desire to promote healthy lifestyles. We appreciate your support and hope that together we will continue to encourage healthy eating at school.

    Please note that we have a number of children and adults in school with severe nut allergies and therefore we are a nut free school. Please support us by not sending your child to school with nut products in their lunchbox. This includes checking cereal bars for nuts, avoiding peanut butter sandwiches and checking shop-bought products for hidden nut-based ingredients.

  • Dietary Requirements, Food Allergies and Intolerances

    If your child has any specific dietary requirements (e.g. Halal, vegetarian, Kosher) or allergies or intolerances to food groups (e.g. nuts, lactose or gluten) please ensure this is clearly shown on their admissions form when they join the school and discussed with school staff, either their class teacher or Mrs McAlister.  We will also pass on this information to our catering team, Cucina, to ensure that each child’s dietary requirements, food allergies or intolerances are taken into account when their food is being prepared.

    If your child requires medication for a food allergy or intolerance (e.g. piriton, epipens), please ensure that this is discussed with your child's class teacher or Mrs McAlister, who will liaise with the School Nursing Team.  If you have any queries, please speak to Mrs McAlister.