Attendance and Absences

SAM, our school attendance mascot believes that “School Attendance Matters”.

It has been shown that children with the best attendance make better progress at school and therefore we kindly request that our parents consider this when arranging appointments for their children or taking children out of school during term time.

At Hampton College Primary we are striving towards a whole school attendance target of 97%. In order to celebrate excellent attendance we recognise the classes with the best three attendance figures in our achievement assemblies every other Friday and in our fortnightly newsletters too. We also award 100% and excellent attendance awards each term and at the end of the year.

  • Absence from School

    If your child is poorly, and cannot attend school, please telephone our school office before 8.30am on 01733 246821 and leave a message on our voicemail. Further information is available in our attendance booklet (COMING SOON).


    If your child needs to attend medical appointments during the school day, please speak to Mrs Read or Mrs Burdett in our school office.  We ask parents to bring along a copy of the appointment letter or card, or show the text message confirming the appointment, in order that we can authorise the absence for the medical appointment.


    We are no longer able to authorise extended periods of absence, e.g. for holidays, except for those requests which are deemed, by the school, to be exceptional circumstances.  Any such requests should be made using the Request for Absence form (paper copies are available from the School Office).

  • Attendance Guidance

    Our attendance booklet (COMING SOON) gives further guidance regarding attendance including how we monitor attendance, what to do if your child is poorly, how to gain support from school and the processes we follow when tackling poor attendance.  We would advise parents to read through this booklet and if you have any questions, please contact Mrs Tuley via the school office.

  • Celebrating Excellent Attendance

    Our class attendance league table is updated every fortnight in our school newsletter to show which classes have the best attendance over the previous two week period. 


    At the end of each term we hand out 100% and excellent attendance awards for children with outstanding attendance.  At the end of the year, children who have had 100% attendance all year are awarded a medal in assembly and those children with excellent attendance (above 98.5%) are awarded with a badge.