Our Ethos, Vision & Values

At Hampton College Primary we have established an ethos based on positive relationships and mutual respect between each other. The College Vision and Values form the core of our ethos as an ‘all through’ school, with the PROUD aspirations promoting our Vision and Values in a primary friendly way.

  • Hampton College Vision and Values

    Our vision at Hampton College is to be an outstanding college. Our mission is to meet the needs of our children and to equip them to fulfil their potential, and to provide high quality learning and leisure opportunities for members of our community. Our values are summarised by the following eight statements;  


    • We value people
    • We value learning
    • We value positive behaviour
    • We value health
    • We value leadership
    • We value our community
    • We value our environment
    • We value the future


    Further information about our College Vision and Values can be found on the Hampton College website.

  • Our PROUD aspirations

    At Hampton College Primary we have translated the Hampton College Vision and Values into five aspirations which are collectively known as our PROUD approach. These five aspirations are embedded within and permeate throughout school and set the ethos for our primary phase for children, staff, parents and visitors alike. We are PROUD of Hampton College and we are PROUD of our aspirations.

    Each of our five PROUD aspirations is further embedded in school through weekly assemblies, classroom discussions, our positive behaviour approach and our day-to-day work in school.


    Previous weekly PROUD themes were:

    Play and learn together calmly

    • How do we find new friends?
    • How can we share with each other?
    • What makes us great learners?
    • Who can help us with our learning?
    • How do we stay calm?

    Respect others

    • How do I respect myself?
    • How can we show respect to others?
    • Why are our manners important?
    • How do we welcome people into our lives?
    • What makes us all special and unique?

    Own our school

    • Why is our school important to us?
    • How can we look after our school?
    • Who makes our school great?
    • Who is part of our school community? 
    • How do we show our pride in our school?

    Understand boundaries

    • Why do we have boundaries?
    • How can we be the best role models for each other?
    • How can I care for other people’s feelings?
    • Why do we tell the truth?
    • How do I keep myself safe?

    Do our best… always

    • What can I do to be the best?
    • How can I show I am proud of others?
    • Why is teamwork important?
    • How can I persevere?
    • How do I develop resilience?