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Guidance on remote learning is available HERE.

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Uniform Expectations

Enforcing Hampton College Uniform Expectations

The most effective way to enforce uniform expectations is to work in partnership with parents to ensure that the correct uniform is purchased and that students leave for school dressed in accordance with uniform expectations.

However, should students arrive not dressed appropriately the following will be actioned:

  • Senior staff will be on the school gates as students arrive
  • Any students not dressed in accordance with uniform expectations will be given a reminder note.
  • The uniform ‘infringement’ will be recorded.
  • Parents will be contacted to ensure they are aware that their son/daughter was not dressed appropriately and how
  • We expect the uniform discrepancy to be rectified

It may be appropriate to take further action if uniform is not corrected once identified. These can include:

  • Senior staff will be on the gates monitoring uniform as students arrive
  • Any students not dressed in accordance with uniform expectations will be placed in the hall where age appropriate work will be provided. That work will be completed in silence.
  • Staff will contact home to enable parents to bring the correct uniform item in so that the student can change
  • Once the uniform has been corrected the student will be able to rejoin their normal lessons
  • The uniform ‘infringement’ will be recorded

We hope that all students arrive dressed appropriately so that we do not have to implement any of the above measures.