Information on the Year 9 Options process is available to view HERE.

Guidance on remote learning is available HERE.

In the event of your child receiving notification of a confirmed Covid-19 positive test result please complete the online form HERE.

1st - 5th March - If your child is already attending school, please click here to book place for your child.

If you are a critical worker and would like to enquire about the possibility of a place in school for your child, please phone 01733 246820 x 101.  

Summer Uniform

Summer Uniform

Years 7- 11 may wear their summer polo shirt, if they wish. All other uniform requirements still apply:

  • Students must wear their blazers
  • Students choosing to wear white shirts must also wear their ties
  • No jeans
  • Skirts must be school style and of a reasonable length
  • Shoes must be totally black
  • Students are allowed to wear one plain stud in each ear; no other facial piercings are permitted