School Uniform

Main School Uniform

Uniform to be worn by students in Years 7-11 as follows:-

Blazer Royal Blue with integral school badge on front pocket
Summer Polo Shirt Royal Blue classic fit polo with integrated school badge on the front (worn in the summer term only)
Shirt White plain style, buttoned to the collar with enough material allowance to stay tucked into waistband
Tie Official Hampton College tie with neat knot; not tucked into shirt and with tie reaching waist
Trousers Black or Charcoal grey plain school style only with some looseness within the length of the trouser leg. Lycra or other skinny/stretch material will not be allowed. They must be of a tranditional/formal style, not a casual style e.g. boys' trousers should be like suit trousers (denim/jeans are not permitted)
Skirt Official Hampton College grey check, knee length or just below. Trousers can be worn instead
Cardigan Dark Grey 'V'-neck plain school style (waist length)
Jumper Dark Grey 'V'-neck plain school style
Socks Black or Grey plain; white plain ankle socks for girls wearing skirts
Tights Black or neutral

Black, low heeled of a 'traditional' or formal style - they must be leather, or leather style school shoes which can be polished and are totally black in colour. Trainers, canvas shoes, boots, open toed, high heeled or other unsuitable footwear is not allowed, nor are shoes manufactured by trainer companies (Nike, Converse, Vans, Lonsdale, Reebok and Adidas etc.)

Coats Plain colour, with no stripes or designs or patterns or slogans on them
Jewellery Wrist watch; one plain metal stud in each ear only. NOTHING ELSE IS PERMITTED (i.e. no nose studs, no necklaces and no bracelets)


Extreme hairstyles are not permitted, i.e. no shaven designs (anything less than a No. 2 cut is not permitted) or exaggerated hair colours, e.g. green (hair colours must appear natural)


  1. Items in Italic are available from Total Clothing only.
  2. Parents / Carers who wish to raise religious/cultural issue regarding school uniform should contact their child's Head of House.

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PE Uniform

Sports T-shirt Navy Blue/White, with school logo embroidered on chest
Shorts Navy Blue, shadow stripe shorts
Socks Navy Blue, plain football socks
Hoodie Official Hampton College Navy Blue Hoodie, with school logo embroidered on chest. This is only to be worn for PE lessons


  1. Items in Italics are available from Total Clothing only.

School Uniform Supplier

Total Clothing

Unit 9 Botolph Bridge Trading Estate

Oundle Road




Tel: 01733 394758

Orders can be placed directly online through the Total Clothing website

Please note that all orders are placed directly with Total Clothing and will be delivered to your home address. All queries relating to your order should be made directly with Total Clothing.

Total Clothing Hampton College Uniform guide 2024.

School Uniform - Further Guidance

  • Please make sure that all clothing is clearly marked with your child's name.
  • Should a student need to wear trainers for purposes other than PE, a medical note from a doctor is required. You are advised to buy sensible footwear, which does not place undue stress on the feet.
  • Coats with inappropriate slogans or images are not permitted. Coats are not allowed to be worn inside the school building.
  • Facial / Body piercing of any description is not permitted.
  • Uniform should not be customised in any way by wearing badges etc.
  • Belts, where worn, must be in a plain style in black, navy blue or grey.
  • Discreet make-up may be worn.
  • Clear nail polish is acceptable. Coloured nail varnish/polish is not acceptable and students will be asked to remove it immediately. Gel and acrylic nails are not acceptable.
  • Baseball caps are not permitted.
  • Students not adhering to the school's uniform policy will be isolated at break or lunchtimes or, in extreme persistent cases, may be isolated all day or sent home.
  • In the light of the pace at which fashion changes, the school reserves the right to amend the rules concerning the wearing of uniform, where necessary.
  • If there is any doubt whether an item conforms to the school uniform policy, please contact the school for advice before purchasing an item of clothing.

Enforcing Hampton College Uniform Expectations

The most effective way to enforce uniform expectations is to work in partnership with parents to ensure that the correct uniform is purchased and that students leave for school dressed in accordance with uniform expectations.

However, should students arrive not dressed appropriately the following will be actioned:

  • Senior staff will be on the school gates as students arrive
  • Any students not dressed in accordance with uniform expectations will be given a reminder note.
  • The uniform ‘infringement’ will be recorded.
  • Parents will be contacted to ensure they are aware that their son/daughter was not dressed appropriately and how
  • We expect the uniform discrepancy to be rectified

It may be appropriate to take further action if uniform is not corrected once identified. These can include:

  • Senior staff will be on the gates monitoring uniform as students arrive
  • Any students not dressed in accordance with uniform expectations will be placed in the hall where age appropriate work will be provided. That work will be completed in silence.
  • Staff will contact home to enable parents to bring the correct uniform item in so that the student can change
  • Once the uniform has been corrected the student will be able to rejoin their normal lessons
  • The uniform ‘infringement’ will be recorded

We hope that all students arrive dressed appropriately so that we do not have to implement any of the above measures.

Summer Uniform

Years 7- 11 may wear their summer polo shirt, if they wish. All other uniform requirements still apply:

  • Students must wear their blazers
  • Students choosing to wear white shirts must also wear their ties
  • No jeans
  • Skirts must be school style and of a reasonable length
  • Shoes must be totally black
  • Students are allowed to wear one plain stud in each ear; no other facial piercings are permitted

Mobile Phones

Students are not allowed to use their mobile phones around school; these will be confiscated if they are seen. There are some situations when students in Years 10 and 11 are permitted by their teachers to use their phones to support their learning.

Report a safeguarding concern

If you have safeguarding concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our team via email. Your input is crucial in maintaining a safe and supportive school environment.