Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Bronze Award Letter - October 2022

Silver Award Letter - October 2022

Ideas for each section

Parents' Information Booklet

The Duke of Edinburgh Award at Hampton college is a thriving and successful department. We average an annual intake of over 80 pupils for the Award each year with an annual presentation event with guest speaker.

Our belief at the school is that all pupils have a right to access such an exciting programme and we are committed to helping pupils achieve their goals within the programme itself.

Bronze Award recruitment takes place during the end of Year 9 and most pupils complete the Award whilst in Year 10 .

We have successfully launched our Bronze award to our Year 10 students, They will be completing their physical, skill and volunteering sections for either 3 or 6 months and will finish their award by completing their expedition to sign off their Bronze award.

For both levels of the Award, pupils are involved in skills, physical activities and volunteering, as well as an expedition. A range of challenging activities take place which always inspire others, for example, paired reading links with the local primary school, studies of genealogy, local Brownie groups being supported as well as swimming coaching, football coaching, music lessons, helping the elderly and young and many more. 'Click here' to view the official D of E website where you can see a comprehensive list of activities. The cost of the Award is kept at a minimum with all our provision coming from an ‘in-house’ system of experienced staff.

Year 9 - Bronze

Practice (1 day) - Saturday 18th May

Expedition (2 days / 1 night) - Friday 21st / Saturday 22nd June

Year 10 - Silver

Practice (3 days / 2 nights) - Friday 7th / Saturday 8th / Sunday 9th June

Expedition (3 days / 2 nights) - Saturday 6th / Sunday 7th / Monday 8th July

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