Parents and carers have in incredibly important role to play in supporting their child with their career planning and post 16 and 18 transitions. As a school, we aim to support students through this, every step of the way. More information on student entitlement can be seen in the CEIAG Policy.

Data protection and GDPR with regard to careers education: students and/or their parents/carers should be aware that basic on-roll school data may be provided to some external agencies, i.e. the careers guidance specialist and work experience providers, to provide additional support for students. In addition, Post 16 and Post 18 intended destinations data is requested by the local authority towards the end of year 11 and year 13 as part of the school’s statutory duty. As part of the careers interview process, students are asked for consent to opt in to the sharing of their data with key members of staff and parents/carers.

For more information on anything to do with careers, and post 16/18 options, please contact Mrs H Pollard.

Labour Market Information

The labour market is constantly changing; jobs that exist now may not in 20 years’ time. Equally, in 20 years’ time, there may be jobs that we haven’t even thought of in 2019! With this evolving environment, it can be difficult to choose for students to choose their future career, however, the current picture of the market is as follows…

In Cambridgeshire, it is predicted that Wholesale, Retail, Mechanics, Healthcare, Social Work, and Administrative industries will continue to grow over the next few years.

For more details, see the document entitled ‘Labour Market Information’.

Report a safeguarding concern

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