Learning Resources

Logging a Concern

The ‘Logging Concern’ button provides a link to the school safeguarding team. Please use this if you are concerned about the well-being of a student.

Need to Talk

The ‘Need to Talk’ button provides a link to our pastoral teams, please use this if you would like us to contact you.

Home Learning Resources Update - April 2020

Please see a letter from Ms Yeoman, Assistant Headteacher HERE for an update on home learning resources for w/c 27th April.

Please see HERE for an additional helpful list of additional resources for parents.

Microsoft Teams

Additional resources are available via Microsoft Teams. A guide to help students login to the MS Teams platform can be found HERE. Your child's login for Teams is the same as their network login. If they cannot remember their network login, please EMAIL.


If you need to re-set your Bromcom details please click HERE and provide your child's name and either the student or the parent's email address. A member of the Data team will contact you via email to re-set your details.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources for Students

Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources for Parents

NHS Support for Teens

Kooth Interactive Activities - May 2020

Protecting your mental health at this time: some sound advice

If you are a parent of a student with SEND (Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities), or are concerned about the emotional well-being and mental health of your child, please click HERE to access the information pack about local services and support currently being offered. Ten minute phone call appointments are currently available from local services for many aspects of SEND.

Additional Reading Resources

Links to reading resources can be found HERE.

We would like to ask our students to complete a survey about their reading and writing attitudes and behaviours. This data will guide The Literacy Trust’s initiatives locally and will provide Hampton College with useful data on reading enjoyment levels so that we can tailor our Literacy provisions in school. Please complete the form HERE.

Additional Learning Resources

Further information on learning resources and ideas can be found HERE.

Cultural Experience resources can be found HERE.

The Day - Free Current Affairs Website

We have signed up to ‘The Day’ for a free trial of this current affairs website aimed at young people, which aims to engage them with the world. Please visit ‘The Day’ online, and enter the sign-in details that have been emailed home.

Please see the subject tabs below for learning resources.

Creative Competition

During lockdown, Mrs Baron has been running a creative challenge to encourage our students to submit photographs of nature in & around their local area.

She received lots of fantastic entries and Mrs Baron reveals the winners of each category in the video HERE. Congratulations!

Sky Keep Connected Competition

Sky are launching a competition for students to share their experience of lockdown. Further details on the competition can be found HERE.

Sixth Form

Transition work for current Year 11 students moving into Year 12 in September 2020 can be found HERE.


KS3 Art - April 2020

Year 10 Exam Preparations

Year 10 Fragments

OldenburgAll Year 10/11/12/13 Art groups have received a guidance pack for independent working handed out and discussed in prior lesson. Year 10 students - forms and structures and /or identity if applicable to your submission. Please continue with your exam preparatory work up to and including point 14 on preparatory list where you could take the exam following the guidance given recently. Guidance refer to preparatory list for the remaining 3 weeks and focus guide to aid them to develop their ideas towards their identity piece.

Instructions for Art students

Year 11

Guidance refer to preparatory for the remaining 4 weeks and focus guide to aid them to develop their ideas towards their exam piece.

Year 12

Guidance refer to focus guide to aid them to develop their ideas towards their coursework.

Year 13

Guidance refer to focus guide to aid them to develop their ideas towards their exam.

Hard copy sheets have been handed to students and discussed for Years 10,11,12,13. A copy of this worksheet is available HERE.


Details are available via Google Classrooms.

Year 9 Options Transition Work - June 2020

Computer Science & ICT

Information for all years


Further information on contact details and learning resources can be found HERE.

Year 13 Criminology

Year 12 Criminology


Since lockdown students in Year 7 and Year 8 have been working on a puppet theatre project where they have had to design and create a complete puppet theatre performance to educate an audience on their chosen habitat, the dangers it faces and what we can do to help. so far students have created storyboards, scripts and puppets. We wanted to share some of them as examples of the fantastic work we have been receiving, we very much look forward to seeing the final performances. The students work can be viewed HERE.

Ms Plane's Lockdown Diary Entry - 13th May, Day 52
Get sending in your entries for this month's Drama challenge

Drama Competition Vlog - June 2020

Year 7 & 8 Habitats of the Wild - April 2020

Year 9 Banksy Improvisation - April 2020

Weekly Drama Challenge - Week 2

Weekly Drama Challenge - Week 3

Weekly Drama Challenge - Week 4

Weekly Drama Challenge - Week 5

Year 7 Resources

Year 8 Resources

Year 9 Resources

Year 10 Resources

Year 11 Resources

Portfolio Guide

Component 3 Home Learning

A Level Drama Resources

Live Theatre

GCSE Drama Helpsheet

Weekly Drama Challenges

Drama and Theatre Studies Home Learning

Further information and email contacts for the Drama staff can be found HERE.


Further information and email contacts for the English department can be foundHERE.

Information on English Google Classrooms login and class details can be found HERE.

Information on additional useful English websites can be found HERE.

English - April 2020

The two KS3 projects are for all year groups. These are also being uploaded to the individual classes' Google Classrooms too by class teachers. Students can also choose from all years if they are finding the work too easy or too hard.

KS3 Activity Pack

An Inspector Calls Past Questions

Love & Relationships Poetry

Year 10 and 11 English - Power and Conflict

English Language Papers

Year 10 and 11 - AQA GCSE English Language and Literature You Tube Links: Mr Bruff and Dominic Salles

Film Studies

Year 10 students should access Google Classroom for their Film Studies exam preparation. The code is: qzfww2c

Students should watch the video Little Miss Sunshine, which is available via Clickview. Login within your Office 365 details:username@hatstudents.org.uk to access this free resource.

Year 12 students should now be returning to exam preparation after completing their coursework research. The new Google Classrooms password is: lsftd23

Food Technology

Year 7 Resources & Recipes

Year 8 Resources & Recipes

Year 9 Resources & Recipes


French Google Classroom Codes:

  • Year 7 French – class code: frbzrkb
  • Year 8 French – class code: 242n6gw
  • Year 9 French – class code: dmnifdp
  • Year 10 French – class code: tpip3se

French Seneca Classroom Codes


Students should complete the workbook appropriate for their year group as their work for this half term. No other work will be set. The workbook can be found below, on Bromcom as set home learning and some classes have Google Classroom.

Work should be submitted online, either as an uploaded document or a picture of handwritten work through email or Google Classroom (where appropriate).

If there is anything I can do to support your son/daughter during these different times please let me know.





Year 7 - Tourism Information Pack

Year 7 - Tourism Activities

Year 8 - Water Activities

Year 9 - Geography of the Future Activities

Year 10 - Tectonic Hazards Activities

Year 10 - Tectonic Hazards Textbook

Year 10 - Weather Hazards Activities

Year 10 - Weather Hazards Textbook

Year 11 - Revision Guides & Practice Papers

Year 11 - Revision Resources

Year 12 - Globalisation Past Paper Questions

Year 12 - Globalisation Notes

Year 12 - Globalisation Workbook

Year 12 - Tectonics Workbook

Year 12 Tectonics Edexcel A Level

Year 13 - Practice Paper

Year 13 - Revision Questions

Year 13 - Revision Resources

All GCSE, BTEC and A Level work is also available from Google Classroom


Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Further information and contact information for the German teachers can be found HERE.


Instructions from Director of Maths - Summer Term

Maths Department Google Classroom Codes

Hegarty Maths Guide

Year 7 - Summer Foundation Work

Year 7 - Summer Extension Work

Year 8 - Summer Foundation Work

Year 8 - Summer Extension Work

Year 9 - Summer Foundation Work

Year 9 - Summer Extension Work

Year 10 GCSE Maths Revision Questions

Shape Sorter Challenge

Media/Film Studies

Year 10 Film Studies

Year 12 students should have completed their research and planning for the coursework element by the 2nd of April. That should include all tasks already set on Google Classroom as well as rough drafts hand-drawn on plain paper.

Further information on Year 13 Media Studies can be found HERE.


Music Department Home Learning

Music Dictionary

Further information and contact details for the Music Department can be found HERE.

Physical Education

Mr Goode has produced some helpful ideas and issued an activity challenge for all students (and parents!) to do at home and submit their entries. It contains helpful hints and tips on keeping fit, websites and Mr Quy and Miss Bowd demonstrating their fitness routines from home. This can be viewed HERE.

To ensure students keep active and healthy during this period, Youth Dreams Project has provided this information. An introduction to their plan is HERE and a sample 30 day plan VIDEO.

BTEC Sport

In order to continue through your child's BTEC Sport course, we have set up a google classroom area for your child to start the next unit of work. Please ensure your child logs into Google Classroom using the code gl7j4lu to access and complete the assigned work. We will keep this updated over the coming weeks.

Year 12 PE

Year 12 PE (2)

Year 13 PE Papers

Year 13 PE Past Papers

Year 13 PE Synoptic

Year 13 PE Mind Maps

Year 13 PE Personal Learning Checklists

Everlearner Youtube Link


For Psychology/Sociology resources, please visit the Edomo website and login with your details. 12 D class code is 9qbi7t

Further information on contact details and learning resources can be found HERE.

Year 11 Psychology

Year 12D Psychology

Students should work through the booklet with the powerpoint- they all have a printed copy. They should do phobias this week.

Year 12 - Miss William's class code for EDMODO is: atgm5g

Year 13 Psychology


Google Classrooms Codes

Year 7 - 9 RE

Year 10 10 RE - Matters of Life and Death

Year 10 RE Work Guidance

Year 11 RE Work

Year 11 RE Tasks


Online learning for Science lessons will be set through BromCom and resources will be found on Google Classroom (https://classroom.google.com). Please login to both to access all work; passwords are available for Google Classroom and Seneca Learning on BromCom.

Science at Home w/c 6th April 2020 experiment

Science at Home w/c 13th April 2020 experiment

Science at Home w/c 20th April 2020 experiment

Science at Home w/c 27th April 2020 experiment

Science at Home w/c 4th May 2020 experiment

Science at Home w/c 11th May 2020 experiment

Science at Home w/c 18th May 2020 experiment

Here is our third instalment of our "Practical Science at Home". Please keep in contact with us and send us your results/pictures of your practical so we can let everyone see what a great job you are all doing!

Contact at: pmusson@hamptoncollege.org.uk or crich@hamptoncollege.org.uk to show us any results you got! Positive points to all who participate!

Key Stage 4 Biology

Key Stage 4 Chemistry

Key Stage 4 Chemistry Practice

Key Stage 4 Physics

Cambridge International have made some science resources available for free during school closures (many will be relevant to science at GCSE and A Level).

Sixth Form

PiXL Independence - Art

PiXL Independence - Biology

PiXL Independence - Business/Economics

PiXL Independence - Chemistry

PiXL Independence - English Lang/Lit

PiXL Independence - English Lit

PiXL Independence - Geography

PiXL Independence - Health & Social Care

PiXL Independence - Maths

PiXL Knowledge - Art

PiXL Knowledge - Biology

PiXL Knowledge - Business/Economics

PiXL Knowledge - Chemistry

PiXL Knowledge - English Lit

PiXL Knowledge - Geography

PiXL Knowledge - Health & Social Care

PiXL Knowledge - History

PiXL Knowledge - Maths

PiXL Knowledge - Media

PiXL Knowledge - Physics

PiXL Knowledge - Psychology

PiXL Knowledge - Sociology


Further information on contact details and learning resources can be found HERE.

GCSE Sociology textbook can be found on Google Classroom, along with weekly tasks and quizzes. The Code is imgs5jj.

Year 10 Sociology Resources

Year 10 Sociology Resources - April 2020

Year 10 Sociology - Families Revision Booklet - April 2020

Year 10 - GCSE Sociology (Families) - April 2020

Year 11 Sociology Resources (1)

Year 11 Sociology

Year 13 Sociology


Design & Technology Competition

Textiles Projects

Travel & Tourism

Year 10 - Travel & Tourism (1)

Year 10 - Travel & Tourism (2)

KS3 Project Based Learning

Further suggestions for a KS3 project can be found HERE.

KS3 Website Suggestions


Home Learning Timetable


British Council

BBC Bitesize

Dyslexia Academy

Khan Academy

Hippo Campus

Kids Activites Blog

Twinkl - use UKTWINKLHELPS for a month’s free subscription

BBC Learning

BBC Teach

Amazon Audible - free audio books

National Geographic Kids

Education Quizzes

BBC Secondary Class Clips

KS4 Additional Resources

If your child joined the College later in KS4, further resources can be found HERE and HERE.

KS4 Website Suggestions

BBC Bitesize



Seneca Learning

You can also download the PiXL Lit App