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Extra Curricular Programme

Hampton College is renowned for its extensive extra-curricular programme. The Physical Education department sees their extra-curricular programme as an imperative role for the overall development of the students at the college.

The Extra Curricular Programme Provides the Opportunity to......

  • Extend the students’ knowledge and understanding in a variety of activities
  • Raise the standards of Physical Education and sport for all our students
  • Work towards a particular goal such as a games, matches, display or competition.
  • Develop the enjoyment of sport and physical activity at our college
  • Promote lifelong physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Play sport for ‘fun’ and socialise with friends
  • Establish contacts and shared interests with other schools and clubs within the local community

Inclusive Programme

The Hampton college extra–curricular programme is inclusive. We do not exclude students who do not conform to a certain physique or whose ability level is not high. We aim for students to learn to handle success and failure with dignity, to embrace cooperation, show respect for others, with fair play and positive sporting behaviour.

At Hampton College extra–curricular activity is therefore based on two principles:

1. A ‘sport for all’ philosophy – where all students are encouraged to take part.

  • These activities usually take place at lunchtime where recreational clubs are offered for students to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle while having fun and developing the skills that they have learned in lessons.
  • A healthy Inter-form and intra school competition, which takes place in many different forms. All students are encouraged to represent their form group or participate on an individual basis against other students from the same year group in modified competition. These include:
  1. Cross Country
  2. Sports Day (Athletics Events)
  3. Hampton Tennis Championships
  4. Dodgeball and Kingball competitions
  5. Basketball
  6. Rowing
  7. Sports Education House competition in Netball and Rounders
  8. Indoor Football
  • A range of ‘Coaching Workshops’ to improve levels of participation, provide taster sessions and then exit routes to school or community clubs and also to further develop skills introduced in lessons.

2. Development of 'elite' athletics and teams in a competitive environment

This involves committed and talented sports people attending school trials, practices, coaching sessions and workshops to improve performance and then participate in inter-school competition on a City/County wide structure, with clear progression routes through to Regional and National competition with talent identification. Some of the teams that are currently run throughout various age ranges at Hampton College include:

  • Football (Girls and Boys)
  • Rugby
  • Netball
  • Basketball
  • Rounders
  • Cricket (Girls and Boys)
  • X Country and Athletics
  • Indoor Rowing
  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • Cycling
  • Trampolining
  • Gymnastics

Since the College opened in 2005 we have been very proud of our success within the Peterborough District and County of Cambridgeshire. Some of our athletes have even progressed further to represent these areas in Regional and National Competition.

In addition to all of the teams that we run and competitions that we enter we also aim to support all of our students in developing their skills in clubs and teams outside of school hours by monitoring their progress in initiatives like the JAE programme (see SSCo pages), celebrating and showcasing their achievements in assemblies and also helping them to manage their time to balance their academic work with their sports programme.

Well done to every single student at Hampton College who has taken part in sport, leisure or recreation outside of lessons this year and we hope that you continue to get involved in the future!