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Little Shop of Horrors - 2017

Hampton College launched and completed its 7th school production between the 14th and 16th March 2017, with the big comedic tale of murder, love, laughter and of course a mean green monster! The musical Little Shop of Horrors, set in the late 1950's showed a full-hearted, empty-pocketed flower shop assistant, who rears a man-eating plant that gets totally out of control in the hope if impressing his colleague. The performance was truly fantastic, showing elements of a fine musical with fantastic vocal performances, lots of laughter and stacks of sass.



Review by Alan Wood, Head of Drama

When Miss Ball suggested Little Shop of Horrors, I was immediately transported back to my youth watching the iconic film version with Steve Martin and Rick Moranis. What could be better in a musical than a sadistic dentist, handcuffs and a blood thirsty plant? Every year I am impressed by the commitment and professionalism of the cast and this year has been no exception. The cast have worked relentlessly learning new dances, songs, direction and characters. We have also had a few unique obstacles this year: we did not have a set or plant to work with until three days prior to the first show, yet the cast have remained ever so professional within rehearsals, directing all their lines to an empty chair or a scary wide-mouthed Abigail (the voice of the plant).