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AS Business Studies

Business Studies in an exciting subject which continually changes within the environment in which it operates. AS Business Studies allows students to gain a critical understanding of numerous business functions. These areas include:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Human Resources

AS Business Studies allow pupils to build a wide range of skills which are invaluable in the business world. They include presenting, planning, problem solving, analysing, team building and research. The range of teaching and learning styles allow students to feel confident in conducting a variety of tasks and activities.

Year 12 students are able to explore events in the business world and relate them to the theories and concepts they learn in the classroom. We integrate ICT into their learning strategies which is now an integral part of all businesses.

AS examinations will now take place in June, at the end of the syllabus for students and will act as a guidance and preparation for the Year 13 A2 course. They are designed to bring together the skills and ability of students to determine factors affecting business performance and analyse the impacts of decision making.

Business Studies GCSE is not a prerequisite. This course is academic rather than vocational and performance at AS will determine progression into A2 Business Studies.