School Sports Co-ordinator: Miss Naomi Napier


Hampton College is still working in partnership with Stanground Academy. Hampton College Primary Phase, Hampton Vale and Hampton Hargate all form part of the Hampton cluster of schools. Hampton College Primary Phase and Hampton Vale Primary School have signed up for the Primary Sport Partnership Agreement this year which is paid for by the Sports Premium Funding.

A School Sport Co-ordinator (SSCo) is based in a secondary school and plays a leading role in the delivery of the Partnership Development Plan for the feeder primary schools in their cluster. They support colleagues in the delivery of high quality PE and school sport and have a remit to increase sporting opportunities for pupils during out of school hours. They are responsible for the co-ordination and development of after school activities, local community links and inter/intra school competition in their own school and partner primary schools

In addition to every child at Hampton College receiving 2 hours per week of high quality PE and Sport, every student has the opportunity to participate in a range of sporting activities provided through school, extra-curricular clubs and community links. This will create a sustainable legacy both in terms of future elite success and grassroots sport.

  • Community Links

    We have links to the following clubs:-

    • Peterborough Athletics Club
    • Nene Valley Athletics Club
    • Werrington Joggers
    • Yaxley Joggers
    • City of Peterborough Swimming Club
    • Peterborough Town Rugby Club
    • Peterborough City Hockey Club
    • Peterborough Town Cricket Club
    • Peterborough Lions
    • POSH Football
    • West Bromwich & Histon FC
    • Yaxley FC
    • POSH Netball
    • Hampton Netball Club
    • POSH Cheerleading
    • POSH Duke of Edinburgh
    • Yaxley Table Tennis Club
    • Yaxley Cricket Club
    • Phoenix & Spirals Gymnastics
    • Aerokinetics Trampoline Club
    • Peterborough Town Rowing Club
    • Peterborough Elite Figure Skaters
    • Bretton YVC (10 pin bowling)
    • Billy Chen Badminton
    • Peterborough Roller Hockey
    • Phantoms Ice-hockey Club
    • Nene Valley Basketball Club
    • Sal Dance
    • Tudor Dance
    • Access to various Community Sports Coaches through the PSSP
    • Thomas Deacons Academy initiatives
    • Stanground Sports College school break initiatives
    • Bushfield Health & Fitness

    The following Sports Coaches are used regularly by Hampton College PE Department:-

    • Steve Fox – Rowing
    • Andy Smith - Cycling
    • Roy Thickpenny – Fitness, Cross Country & Athletics
    • Youth Dreams Project – Street Dance, Boxercise, Football and multi-sports
    • Ian Reynolds – Rugby
    • Tariq Aziz, Kevin Clements & Graham Sainsbury – Cricket
    • Rod Hatton – Table Tennis
  • Leadership Initiatives

    Young Ambassador Scheme

    This scheme was set up and launched by Sebastian Coe and the Youth Sport Trust as a direct response to the promise that London would use the power of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to inspire millions of young people to choose sport. As a result, the Young Ambassadors programme forms an important part of the PE and sport in terms of developing leadership skills for life.


    Young Ambassadors are selected due to their sporting talent or more importantly due to their outstanding commitment and ability as young leaders or volunteers. The role of a Young Ambassador involves increasing participation in school sport and PE, promoting active and healthy lifestyles and spreading the word of the Olympic and Paralympic values of Respect, Friendship, Personal Excellence, Courage, Determination, Inspiration and Equality.


    PSSP Young Ambassador Organising Committee

    This year Hampton College appointed two Silver Ambassadors in Year 13 with two supporting Vice-Ambassadors in Year 12.  They have been busy planning, organising and promoting various events in assemblies and around school including primary festivals, inter-house sporting activities and various charity events.

    Hampton KS3 Leadership Certificate

    Through Year 7 to Year 9 core PE lessons Hampton College delivers the Hampton KS3 Leadership Certificate. The course is based on a Bronze (Year 7), Silver (Year 8) and Gold (Year 9) leadership award where students have to meet certain criteria throughout the year to gain this qualification. The awards aim to enhance leadership skills and encourage students to use them at primary festivals and in the wider community.

    Primary Festival Leaders

    Hampton College hosts many primary festivals throughout the year. Festivals hosted at the college include cross country, football, basketball and netball, sports hall athletics and multi-skills. These sporting events could not go ahead without students from across the school volunteering their services to team manage, lead, coach, officiate and score. Many students from each year group are chosen to lead because of skills they have demonstrated through core PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs and because of their commitment to the PE department.

    Sports Council

    The Sports Council is made up of one boy and one girl from each year group plus the Silver Sports Ambassadors. The role of the Sports Council is to act as a voice for the student body and their aim is to play a part in increasing sporting opportunities for all students across the school. Hampton College’s PE Department believes that every child matters and so therefore they should be able to voice their opinions about what activities they would like to see in the extra-curricular programme and what intra-school competitions they would like to be organised.


  • Provision for High Ability Students

    Junior Athlete Education Framework (JAEf)

    The JAEf is a Government-funded programme that supports more able and talented young people to fulfill their sporting and educational potential. We have a lot of talented sports performers at Hampton College; on top of school commitments and homework many of these students have intense training programmes and a full competition calendar.

    The Junior Athlete Education framework (JAEf) places the junior athlete at the centre of a support package that progressively develops their physical, thinking, social, personal and creative abilities. The JAE framework has 4 key pillars that allow schools to recognise their talent, to guide that talent onto sporting pathways, to provide support for their educational and sporting needs and to inspire them to become future role models.

    Talented students from across KS3 and KS4 have been assigned to a mentor from the PE Department. The mentor’s role is to offer support to students who do a lot of training outside of school, where in some cases this may impede on their time to complete home learning tasks. This is by no means an excuse for students to miss home learning or coursework deadlines but in exceptional circumstances mentors may negotiate extensions with staff on behalf of the student.

    Mentor’s will also have half-termly meetings with their students to discuss any issues that may arise due to their sporting commitments outside of school. Students are also given the opportunity to attend life-skills workshops to help them balance all aspects of their life.

    Annual Gifted and Talented Day

    To celebrate the achievements of our high ability students Hampton College hosts an annual gifted and talented day.  In previous years we have tapped into the Sky Sports ‘Living for Sport initiative. Sky Sports have provided Hampton College with a Paralympic swimming athlete, Fran Williams, and an up and coming tennis player, Jade Windley, to deliver a motivational one day conference delivering information on health, fitness and nutrition, time management, through both practical and theoretical activities.

  • School Sport Partnerships

    Stanground Academy Sports Partnership

    Hampton College is working in partnership with Stanground Academy and we are working together to develop PE and sporting opportunities for all young people in our local primary schools. Through this partnership, which is funded by the sport premium funding from the government, our aim is to enhance young people’s opportunities to participate in a wide range of sports as well as raising the standards of teaching and learning of PE and school sport. This partnership puts PE and sport at the centre of the curriculum, using it as a vehicle to develop and improve learning opportunities for all.

    Stanground Sports Partnership consists of

    • A Partnership Development Manager (PDM): Andy Phillips (Stanground)
    • School Sport Co-ordinators (SSCos): Naomi Napier (Hampton)
    • Primary school based PE Subject Leaders

    A PDM is a full-time role, they manage the partnership and develop strategic links with key partners in sport and the wider community. The SGO manages funding and organises local sporting activities which allow schools to qualify for the School Games events in the Spring and Summer. SSCos manage PE and sport in their secondary schools and oversee the PE Subject Leaders who are based in primary and special schools and aim to improve the quantity and quality of PE and sport in their own schools. This team of people work closely together, sharing ideas and problems and ensuring there is effective communication taking place. They are also provided with training in order to improve the quality of PE within their schools.

    Hampton College has three schools in its family...

    • Hampton Hargate Primary School
    • Hampton Vale Primary School
    • Hampton College Primary Phase

    Benefits to Hampton College

    Being part of the Stanground Sports Partnership benefits the Hampton Family in many ways. Some of these include:

    1. Access to additional funding from various sports organisations, such as Sport Unlimited and the Youth Sport Trust.
    2. The provision of High Quality Community Sports Coaches who specialise in a broad range of activities and sports.
    3. Affiliation to several NGBs allowing us to compete in a range of different activities/sports.
    4. Free teaching resources for both primary and secondary schools.
    5. Free CPD courses for students, teachers, TAs and AOTTs.
    6. Access to a broad range of competitions within school and across Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.
    7. Support for the talented in sport and gifted in PE.
    8. Increased community club links.
    9. Increased opportunities for students to be young sports leaders at primary school sports festivals.
    10. Access to a range of new initiatives set up by various sporting organisations.
    11. Increased support for students going through the KS2-KS3 transition.

    For more information on festival dates and news articles about recent events and our partnership with Stanground Academy please click here

    How Hampton College Supports the Hampton Family

    Primary PE Subject Leaders:

    • Hampton Vale: Scott Collins
    • Hampton Hargate: Rob Godfrey and Katie Burton
    • Hampton College Primary Phase: Lauren Tuley

    Support for the primary schools includes regular inter-school competition for students through a variety of sporting festivals which are hosted at Hampton College; coordination of intra-school competitions and increasing participation rates of the semi-sporty; leadership training for KS2 pupils to help run the ‘Positive Play’ initiative for KS1 students during lunch times; help with improving the quality of teaching during primary PE lessons; increased teaching resources and help with assessing and reporting in PE.

    Primary Festivals Hosted at Hampton College

    • Year 1 and 2 Multi-skills
    • Year 3 Sports Hall Athletics
    • Year 4 Striking & Fielding
    • Year 5 Basketball and Netball
    • Year 5 Multi-racket Skills
    • Year 6 Cross Country
    • Year 6 Netball and Football

    For more information on festival dates and news articles about recent events and our partnership with Stanground Academy please click here

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