Sixth Form Transition Work - Summer 2020

Summer Transition Work - Summer 2020

Welcome to our Summer Project work Year 11. I hope you are all enjoying a well-deserved break. We have already begun our transition work and I know a lot of you have completed the work on the website so well done. Make sure you email it in to us. That work is due in on 17th July for those of you that haven't completed it yet. The info is in Step 1 below. When that is completed I would like you to complete Steps 2,3 and 4. The instructions are below. If you need any help with Step 1 please email the subject teachers. If you need help with steps 2-4 please email me on We will let you know what is happening with results day and induction in September nearer the time, as we are unsure how and when the restrictions will be eased and what we will be allowed to do. Good luck.

Step 1 - Subject Transition Work

Please complete the transition work for your 3 chosen subjects by 17th July. This work is available below. Please email to the Head of Department or to



Business Studies BTEC

Business Studies



Computer Science


English Language & English Literature

English Language

English Literature

Film Studies

Clickview Film Suggestions


Health & Social Care


BTEC ICT Transition Project



Physical Education


AS Psychology

Science Techniques - Abstract Guide

Science Techniques - Guide to Writing a Lab Report

Science Techniques - OCR Assignment Checklist

Science Summer Transition Work

AS Sociology

Theatre Studies

Please note that one of the tasks for Theater Studies is for you to view the recorded performance that is being shown this Wednesday for one day only. New tasks will be uploaded every two weeks.

Google classroom code: pekja5c

Step 2 - Research Project

  1. Choose a project from the options below.
  2. You can choose activities from each project and complete as many tasks as you would like. You should complete at least 100 points (5 activities).
  3. You then need to complete the Project Log for each activity explaining what the resource was, 3 things you have learned from the activity and any action you will take (if appropriate).
  4. Upload your project log and any supporting work on google classroom or email to and bring it to your first lesson for each subject to discuss as part of your induction

Project Log

Research Project - Creative and Performing Arts

Research Project - English, Media and MFL

Research Project - IT, Computer Science and Business Studies

Research Project - Science, Maths and Engineering

Research Project - Social Sciences and Humanities

Research Project - Sports

Step 3 - Career Research

  1. Have a look at the attached resource and complete as many activities as you like, but no less than 3 (60 points).
  2. Complete the Project Log, identifying which activity you completed, 3 things you learned from it and and what action you will take as a result of this.
  3. Upload your project log and any supporting work on google classroom or email to

Project Log

Career Research

Step 4 - Employability Skills

  1. Read the attached document with activities to help you develop your employability skills.
  2. Choose at least one activity from each row - Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative, Communication - and complete it (5 activities, 100 points)
  3. Complete the Project Log explaining which activities you chose, 3 things you learned from it and what changes you will make.
  4. Upload your Project Log and any supporting work on google classroom or email to

Project Log

Employability Skills